What To Expect

Wondering what you should expect during your initial visit at NOWChiro? First, we would like to thank you for the opportunity of working with you on your health goals. Chiropractic is a great way to enhance healing from an injury or to improve the daily function of the joints and nervous system. Our doctors and staff are committed to giving you a safe and comfortable experience while in our clinics. Check out our great doctors here.

Since we are a walk-in clinic, you do not need to make an appointment for your adjustment visit. Just drop in at your convenience and you will be able to see the doctor. Please remember that there will be some paperwork to fill out that takes about 10 minutes. If you are seeking care from an auto accident, the paperwork may take up to 30 minutes, since the insurance requires a more extensive intake process. 

Next, you will be able to see the doctor, who will go over your history and ask about the functioning of your spine and joints. The doctor will then do an examination of your spine and injured areas, checking the range of motion and function of your spine and joints to gain the information needed to give the best adjustments for you. The first visit may take 15-20 minutes. Follow-up visits are often 5-10 minutes. 

Our doctors use a variety of methods to deliver a safe and effective chiropractic adjustment. The most common technique is called Diversified, where the doctor uses his hands and body positions to deliver an adjustment. They may also use instruments such as the Activator or Arthrostim to adjust the spine or extremities. If you are familiar with these techniques or know that your body responds better to one or another, feel free to discuss it with the doctor.

Based on your unique needs, health goals, and response to the adjustment, the doctor will recommend a care plan which will include the frequency of needed adjustments moving forward. Remember to drink lots of water for the next couple of days to allow your body to function at its best. About 30% of patients may feel mild soreness after their first adjustment, (like going to the gym for the first time). This is common and can be reduced by staying hydrated and icing the sore area for 15 min. 

Here at NOWChiro, we have many different options that make it affordable to get the care you need. Check our pricing for packages and memberships available.